All In The Family Comprehensive Enrichment Center an LLC, provides educational/employment, financial and spiritual growth services to the constituents of a thirteen-county municipality. The services enhance each member’s ability to thrive in their chosen career, financial growth or spiritual path. Oftentimes, communities in rural areas such as Springfield, TN has a low college graduate rate that results in lower income possibilities or the ability to grow and move forward out of the local community. The lack of job training provided in the educational system at the high school level leaves constituents unprepared for employment opportunities that pay a significant rate above the national minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Our employment training program provide soft skills training, workplace and time management skills which are beneficial in the job market and in personal growth and development. 
Our focus on financial freedom is of the upmost important to the client pool that we serve to empower them to make better financial decision to improve the standard of living for themselves and their families. Teaching our clients to appreciate the value of investments, above average credit will change their lifestyle while providing them with the ability to save and prepare for those unforeseen emergencies.
Spiritual guidance component will allow clients to connect with their internal feelings of who they are, their family history in totality to connect with parents or other family members to repair broken relationships which can hinder self -growth. The goal is that the client can become whole and move forward in life without regret or fear of failure.  



Owner/Operator Jacqueline Woodard


Jacqueline Y. Woodard holds an Associate Degree in Banking, BS in Human Resource Management and an MBA in Business Administration. In 2014 Jacqueline launched All In the Family Comprehensive Enrichment Center that holistically works to undergird every member of the family to increase the many facets of life through exposure to their personal needs. Jacqueline has over thirty (30) plus years of business experience in those years she has been the Executive Director of several community service programs that exposed her to the needs of her community. Under the umbrella of All In the Family Comprehensive Enrichment Center the community will have many opportunities to investigate their entrepreneurial spirit through Dare 2 Dream The Business Academy. Jacqueline is currently developing a business plan for a child enrichment center which focuses on electronic education in early childhood education. 
As a Certified Mentor for Score of Nashville this volunteer opportunity allows Jacqueline to meet the needs of Small Business owners from start-up and follow them through the many facets of becoming an Entrepreneur. All in the Family has been a past host of the Small Business Administration InnovaterHer seeking Small Business’ that can change the lives of Americans.
Jacqueline accepted her call into the Ministry and was ordained July 2008 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland Pastoral leadership of Bishop C. Anthony Muse of Ark of Safety Christian Church. In February 2013, Jacqueline was ordained as the first Elder under the pastoral leadership of Pastor TeNita Freeman and the Kingdom Center in Southaven, MS. Jacqueline received Ministerial training under the leadership of Pastors David W. M. Cassidy, Daon M. Johnson and Chandra D. Jarrett Virginia Beach, VA. 
     In her free time, you can find Jacqueline spending time with her daughters Angelica (Cayden), Nataleigh (Fallyne) or volunteering in the community.